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Diagnostics of energy (Biofield)

Diagnostics of energy (Biofield)

Biofield, energy-informational structures, aura, astral bodies - this phenomenon has its own name for different people and cultures. Research by science on this aspect of human life, both official and classified, has been ongoing on for many years, these studies are probably older than the very concept of "science" itself. There are however problems in the universal recognition by society and the scientific world of this phenomenon.

They are as follows:

  1. Registration by modern devices of human energy structures in connection with their very nature.
  2. The problem of setting up an experiment due to the individual characteristics of the biofield of each person and of course humanistic considerations about such experiments, since the human field is inextricably linked with our health and especially fate.

Biofield Diagnostics

Working with human energy-informational structures is one of the main directions of our association. We are confident that it is the state of the energy-information field that determines a person’s well-being, both physical mental & emotional. Indeed, even modern science recognizes that in the human biofield all types of energy known to science can be repaired. And even events in a humans life depend on the state of this field itself. We dare to assert that everything in a person’s life is tied to this field. Accordingly, we influence the human field - we change our well-being and circumstances of life. And vice versa.

It is for such cases that our center has a unique employee - a bioenergotherapist who has sufficient power of influence and vision to provide comprehensive assistance in any of your situations. He is a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, was recognized as the best healer of Russia in 1999 and 2000, and is the developer of many methods for influencing the human field.

And all this will help you feel good and be in a good mood!