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Energy protection

Energy protection

Modern man perfectly understands that his nature is not limited only to the physical body. Each person has an energy field, an aura. The energy structure that every living person possesses permeates the body and goes beyond the physical envelope. They envelop the body at some distance. Different schools explain their nature and are called differently: field, biofield, astral bodies, subtle energy structures, aura, electromagnetic radiation of the body (this term has already been recognized by traditional medicine).

It is impossible to touch this field or see with ordinary eyesight. But modern technology can “photograph” the state of human energy structures, and special medical devices can already measure the strength of their radiation.

Everyone has their own similar structure; there are no identical fields. For some, the aura is narrowed, and for another it extends several meters in diameter.

The state of the human biofield affects their physical and psychological well-being. When the energy is healthy, everything goes smoothly in life, the people around you are well-disposed, and problems that arise are solved “in working order”. If a black stripe sets in, from which there is no way to find a way out, then thin aura's are in a depressed state. Sometimes problems with energy become critical, and as a rule, it is at this moment that people begin to seek help.

Of course, it is possible to improve the biofield, but even traditional medicine says that the best cure for diseases is prevention. The body can be protected from viruses by strengthening immunity. There is special protection for smaller auras.

In a major metropolitan area, the human energy envelope is exposed to various negative influences, both from the environment and from other people. When you go “into crowds”, somehow as you come into contact with others, whether you like it or not, you come in contact with other people's energy fields, your fields begin to interact. Sometimes this effect is background, not malicious, for example in various places with powerful negative egregore. Once there, people feel how quickly they lose strength and motivation for action, their mood worsens, conflicts can start from scratch.

Communication with “toxic people” can have a similar effect. So-called persons prone to negative thoughts. They are constantly dissatisfied with the world, complain about everything to their friends, reducing any topic to the point of pouring negative emotions on the interlocutor. Communicating with such people and interacting in their environment also begins to make a person lose strength and mood.

All these effects negatively affect the energy sector. As a rule, if they are not particularly intense, then active protection is not required from them, energy hygiene is better. This implies a certain state of mind that a person can shape and hold without any outside help — we mean the state of internal equilibrium. Usually everyone is well aware that the state of depression, grief, fear, hatred, usual irritation is even simpler - most people carry with them thought forms of their problems, which are reflected in their aura - this is bad for the energy field. But at the same time, the state of joy gushing like a fountain is not the norm to the same extent, because it is not a balance. Here it should be repeated once again that... Our goal is to maintain balance, inner harmony. <3

But back to the "conscious" actions ... there are also deliberate manipulations with energy. Attackers often make impacts on the bio-field of others in order to obtain (for example) material gain. Moreover, the victim does not even realize that energy manipulation was carried out. Suddenly, a person simply wants to invest in a dubious business or to make a disadvantageous transaction, to render someone a risky service.

Often manipulators break through the protection of people not from the outside, but from the inside. To do this, you just need to infect the victim with a viral idea or get them out of a state of mental equilibrium. Moreover, both positive and negative strong emotions are equally suitable: love, fear, rage, lust, passion, anger, excitement and other passionate feelings. People do not realize that at this moment they give control of their field to another person. Therefore, those who need to be saved from themselves often turn to the center. This is the most expensive, but at the same time one of the most important types of protection.

The danger of deliberate manipulation of energy can come from people who themselves are psychics, magicians or sorcerers. And sometimes its source can be ill-wishers from a circle of acquaintances or even relatives who can appeal to people endowed with special power.

Negative impact can bring both relatively minor troubles, such as a strip of failures, or large ones - the severance of important business ties, an accident, serious material losses, and so on.

People who contact us regularly ask one question - can I protect myself? Of course you can!

Around the internet you will find all sorts of methods to protect your spirit and aura - You may have already attempted one of these. Allow us to share a little practical experience: Using aura protection techniques, remember this - You are not separating yourself from others. You are not doing this out of fear that someone will somehow affect you. You are doing this because you must keep your energy & your vibrations high out of love for people around you. In the end any of us can protect ourselves.

To protect the biofield the center’s specialists can apply something like additional ergo-formation on it - set a program or encoding that will help maintain a thin body in an unchanged state. The field will be fixed in the form in which it was at the time of installation of the protection and will not give in to influences for a certain specified time.

At the same time, the center’s specialists will necessarily normalize the state of your bodies energy before setting protection. On an incomplete or contaminated biofield (irregular), the installation simply will not last and will be destroyed from the inside. Therefore, the first few sessions can be devoted to improving human energy.

Specialists may also suggest using talismans to strengthen energy defense. Stones, wood, pieces of native gold are suitable for their manufacture. In some cases, natural pearls.

Protection is able to lead almost any misfortune out of a person’s path, the main thing is that the request is correctly formulated. The general impact can protect yourself from all negative factors, and point - from individual phenomena, for example, accidents, robberies, violence; individual subjects - scammers or energy vampires or their groups - collectives with an unpleasant atmosphere.

Protection may extend from a few hours to several years, depending on the request. The maximum duration is three years. Practice shows that the program does not last longer in the conditions of megacities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, which neutralizes the impact.