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Weight control

Traditional medicine recognizes only two ways to change your weight: diet or active sports. Both directions can and should be combined.

These methods are well known to those who want to gain or lose kilograms. They do not always show their effectiveness, while the result obtained with great difficulty can easily come to naught in just a few months.

The Darnat Center presents to everyone who needs physical correction a method that will practically not affect the diet and will not require loads of excercise. At the same time, the achieved result will actually be preserved, unless the client specifically makes special efforts for a new set of kilograms.

The technique is based on auto-training in combination with a specific effect on the human biofield. This was perfected by a strong psychic, a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the best healer of Russia in 1999 and 2000.

Weight loss (in addition to our work) will require only careful adherence to the recommendations of specialists and the daily implementation of their tasks: to concentrate and present certain images and paintings in order to convince your body to lose a few pounds. And the center’s specialists will provide remote and in-person support in order to strengthen the effect of your independent efforts. They will also be able to verify that all tasks are completed to the full.

Independent work for weight loss will be mandatory, but it will achieve truly stable results. Weight will decrease or increase over the agreed period by the desired number of kilograms.

The center does not offer fabulous results, only real weight loss in a reasonable amount of time. The deadline for achieving the result will be up for the individual to decide.

Before starting exposure, consultation and diagnosis are necessary. It is carried out in the first appointment. If necessary, several meetings will be aimed at eliminating health problems that may interfere with further work.

The impact of specialists on the patient is carried out in two to three sessions. Then comes a period of independent work two to three weeks long. At the second meeting, there is a diagnosis of the methodology, and if necessary, correction of impacts.

Limitations when working with the method:

The method is not intended for those who seek impossible results, for example, lose weight from 120 to 50 kilograms at the age of 48 years old. Specialists also do not help to achieve levels that are dangerous to the patient’s health - too strong or too fast weight loss.

The weight loss program is not suitable for people under 24 years old or over 55 years old.

The service is not provided to people with mental disorders.

The method is not suitable for patients with any stage of tuberculosis, AIDS or cancer.

Work restrictions exist with people suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Those who have recently had a fracture will have to wait at least one year before starting work with weight according to the method presented.