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Bioenergy correction

Bioenergy correction

The energy and informational field of a person is the core and foundation of their whole existence. The quality of life as a whole, including physical health and emotional state, plus a whole range of psychological states (self-esteem, motivation, level of social interaction) depend on the state and quality of the astral body of a person.

There are a lot of factors influencing the state and integrity of our field. If we generalize, we can divide these influences into two types - internal and external. With external factors, we usually attribute the effects of the external and social environments. In practice, people with healthy social environments have a holistic field and are already naturally and adequately protected from most types of negativity coming from outside.

Internal factors are all kinds of human influences on oneself. It should be noted that the most destructive and insidious influences are built on the same principle - a persons attack upon themself from the inside. It looks something like this: a person at a moment of weakness or a certain emotional instability receives a negative message from the external environment, then, taking this message to heart, it inflates and causes a mental response. In other words, they "wind themselves up', thereby giving more energy to this internal attack. Moreover, the stronger the person's energy, the more disastrous the results. As a result, the main work was done by the “victim” themself, not the person or external environment that planted this negative seed.

From the practice of our specialists working with residents of large densly populated cities, we know that usually on average each person has not one, or even two, but a whole complex of deviations and various effects in these fields. The reason for this is an extremely aggressive and unstable living environment. As a result, all this depletes energy resources even in a young person, one of the many consequences of which is serious nervous breakdowns with the not uncommon occurrence of alcohol or drug addiction.

The “classics of the genre” are this - when a person is no longer able to independently resolve a set of problems and troubles, and the reasons for the whole situation are also very vague (no luck, nothing ever works out, somehow EVERYTHING is bad).

We are glad to inform you that we are engaged in solving such problems on a daily basis. These are all solvable problems - this is certain. Over years of practice, our specialists have developed and successfully applied more than 50 different methods for adjusting the human biofield. The set necessary for each case is determined strictly for each individual. The starting point on the way to a healthy field in its natural initial state is the diagnosis of the biofield. A reservation should be made here - working with the biofield of a person living in a metropolis is such an extensive and multifaceted topic that we will devote several articles to it. This will allow the reader to get a sufficient idea and correctly understand the nuances of our work in this direction.

A person with a field correctly restored to a certain own “norm" receives (or rather returns) a qualitatively new standard of living ... although this is rather the way and standard of living that a person should have been living from birth. This is health stability, strong immunity, inner peace, stress resistance, a positive attitude of others, and most importantly - It brings good luck!