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About us

You have come to our site and are reading this. it means you are interested in these topics. Such a layer of life rarely interests someone "just like that." This means that something is haunting you, maybe you have some kind of problem. Or even worse - there has been a problem for some time, you went to different places and ... did not receive help. For both of these cases, let's say you found the right place. Study the sections of the site further, and you will find out what we can do for you, how exactly we will do it, how much it will cost and what the results will be in your particular case. In addition, you can come up with intelligible recommendations for yourself what to do so that your situation never repeats.

We will share with you real working methods, our experience, and interesting cases results from practice.

The basis of our methodology is a kind of symbiosis of “official” medical methods and bioenergy medicine. Why such an approach? Each of our specialists has come a long way in their practice and came to the conclusion that no matter how wonderful and broad the method used, nevertheless its scope is very narrow and such a specialist is similar to those old blind wisemen from the parable about the blind describing the elephant. So the development of a certain “unifying” methodology was just a matter of time and common sense for everyone who understands that a person is not limited only to the visible body.