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Primary reception

Diagnosis is the most important step and the first thing you encounter in our center. It is carried out using psychic abilities and clairvoyance. During it, a person’s aura is examined for any energy-information deviations, programs, stratifications, etc. All that can interfere with your life.

It is on diagnostics that a specific method of working with this person is selected, a personal set of bioenergy actions, reflexotrepepts, and other specialists are then taken.

We practice an exclusively individual approach to everyone who comes to us.

Therefore, a thorough examination and diagnosis are the first step to beginning treatment.

Admission Conditions:

Patients aged 14 to 65 years are accepted. Cases with age being less \ more need to be discussed separately.

If you have questions concerning not you or not only you, bring a photograph (ideally fresh), or a sample of handwriting (in the original), or any personal thing of the person you are asking about.

Before taking for 2 days, do not take alcohol, stimulants, psychotropic substances, hard or soft drugs. Otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse your appointment.

If you come to us with the purpose in mind of testing our specialists abilities and provide false information, know that you will not receive any positive results. We work with the information given from our patients. If you are a true skeptic and looking to waste our time, please do not - We are here to help people. We are not mind readers. We are healers of aura.