Spells for good luck and money

Spells for good luck and money

Interviewer: Let's talk about spells for good luck. There are different types of failure. for example: when a person with something specifically is not lucky or is not lucky at all in life. Accordingly, he needs to pull some luck. Are such problems being addressed?

Gregory: Very well noticed. In practice, there are two types of treatment. The first option is when a person comes and says: “I need to drink at all.” And another option - when a person meaningfully says: “I want to start my forge, forge a horseshoe. I want my horseshoes to glorify me all over Russia, ”that is, such a narrow segment. These are two different types of work, although the base is the same. In the beginning, we make the person’s field natural and healthy, then we begin to look at opportunities to help people. This includes enumerating outcome-price options. We believe that a person must know what happens and consciously make a choice. Because there is no result in this direction without any consequences. Simply, many operators do not consider it necessary to discuss such issues with customers. We have the opposite.

When this issue is resolved, we move on - directly to actions, or rather to actions. We change certain field parameters for the task. In a person’s biofield, there are some places / structures / areas where we can change the circumstances regarding this person’s earnings of money, or the implementation of certain of his planned tasks related to material gain in one form or another. Techniques exist to either activate, enhance, or inflate these areas. Let's take the term “activate”.

Interviewer: Can you give an example of such an impact on the field that could change something, give some advantage? ...

Gregory: And what is an example? In this case, what would be an example?

Interviewer: For example, well, I don’t know ... What could help a person.

Gregory: I would not want to reveal the essence of the methodology. Staying at the same level: “.. well, I know how,” is somehow funny. What can be said? What is it based on? Let’s do this: in the simplest case, it affects, relatively speaking, the manual extrasensory effect on the field in general. It can be described differently: the operator enters a certain “working state” and acts on the patient’s fields with his own hands. It changes the shape of the fields in such a way that the desired areas are active, in some cases, some areas of the fields, on the contrary, are “inhibited”. The second option is a more complex system: it includes the first option and work in a certain sequence with the chakras. The third option: in some cases, certain ritualism and manual influence on the fields, no matter how modern it may look, bring the desired results. And finally, as they say - next level - talismans. But this is a separate issue.

Interviewer: Let's look at this issue from a different perspective ...

Gregory: I understand what the question is about; I have to touch on the modern history of the issue. At the very end of the 90s - beginning of the zero years, the direction of thought began to take shape and finally developed that there are certain rituals “for money” that open a certain “money channel” for a person. And it is enough to carry them out so that everything becomes “as it should." This simplified the understanding of the topic, but it drove us all into a narrow and primitive framework. Since then, most of the calls came down to the requirement of a certain magic pill. And if we do not agree to give it to the client - he goes to the one who is guaranteed to offer it. This is a dead end scenario. The topic covered requires a much broader view of the issue from the operator and patient. We will talk about this in the continuation of the article.