Love spell and love magic

Love spell and love magic

Interviewer: Greetings! I would like to discuss such a burning issue: classic examples of love spell. Here. Exactly what it looks like. What is the most common technique or ritual, how is it done?

Gregory: Let's start with what a love spell is. A love spell is usually a forcible attachment of one person to another. Why am I saying that? The fact is that a love spell does not have to be heterosexual, it does not have to be a love spell and can be done precisely with the goal of building love relationships. There are, for example, a variety of techniques, how to make a career using a love spell in a mixed team. Again, very often proponents of same-sex love resort to this with the same efficiency. Well, there is a slight difference in techniques, but in fact, it is one and the same. That is, anyone works. Technically, there are two principles of action. Each person has a certain upper channel. In the classic case, a woman in some way switches this channel of the man to herself. That is, she passes it through herself, returning to the man. There is such a popular expression, you can often hear it: “she blocked it” and “he thinks not with his own head”. This "overlap" does not start working immediately, some time should pass. The task of such a woman is only to maintain the created impact in the given parameters for the right time. For each “victim” this period is individual. After which the person loses part of his will and begins to do everything that she says like a puppet on strings. Once again I note - this is a description of the principle of action, the techniques by which this effect is achieved, I will not describe. Another option, it is the second principle, for those who know how to work with chakras. The "operator" closes in a certain sequence the chakras of two people or their own and the "victims". As soon as such a connection lasts for some time - the “victim” begins to lose his will, begins to be very suggestible. Everything else, all magic pieces, ritual objects, etc. - This is just a figurative service of one of these two principles. That is a kind of beautiful occult marketing. But in fact, one of these actions is performed.

Interviewer: So all this is necessary, usually in order to somehow concentrate in a special way?

Gregory: Well, by and large, yes. E. Blavatsky also said that she was greatly surprised and even upset by Hindu initiates when they said that any magic (in our understanding) is just a variant of concentration of consciousness. And all this tinsel around serves only to bring the mind of the "operator" to the correct concentration of consciousness. Thus, if the occultist is able to properly concentrate consciousness, he does not need anything at all for his work - everything will turn out fine anyway.

Interviewer: Take some of the most common love spells - should they be done by specialists or can they be done on their own?

Gregory: The simplest example - the socket at home has broken - should you attract a specialist or can you fix it yourself? Unfortunately, in my practice I am faced with the fact that every more or less adequate girl knows that such a phenomenon takes place, that it can be done and I’m not afraid of this word, more than 90% most likely have knowledge of how to do it . Unfortunately, a very large part, (I can’t say that most), but most of the girls do not consider it shameful to try it. With what frequency, in what quantity - it does not matter. Based on the results of my practice, I had to conclude that most of the girls practiced this or did it at least once. Or practicing on some permanent basis. Not talking about the frequency of this basis. Yes, we can say that Moscow is a special city, there is a big turnaround in comparison with the rest of the country, here the relationships between people are changing most quickly, even the basics of these relations are changing, but ...! But all the same phenomena are present in the capital less than on the periphery. Maybe even more. Example - the most commonplace technique is based on the so-called "etheric magic." This is the most material basis, the most difficult. It is customary to say the lowest "magic." A striking option is the use of some physiological fluids. That is, you take conditional fluid, forcing the “victim” to take it into themselves somehow. In the process of receiving you accompany her with some kind of vector energy. That is, you give a promise, accompany it with some kind of phrase that carries the program you need. Everything, I will not tell further, otherwise it will begin now!

Interviewer: (parallel) Exactly, the imagination has already been played out.

Gregory: And that’s all, this is the most rude, direct, even stupid option, but strangely enough, it works in too many cases.

Interviewer: Yes, an interesting twist. In my opinion, even in some films this has been demonstrated.

Gregory: Yes. And not in one.

Interviewer: Then the most logical question is: how to find out that you are exposed to such an impact?

Gregory: Here, in fact, for me so far in terms of technology