Geopathogenic zones or black spot

Geopathogenic zones or black spot

We bring to your attention an article published in the Crimean newspaper "Sorcerer" in 2001. We are interested in the article primarily as a memory of the initial stages of work. You may be interested in a peculiar look at the issue raised ...

The topic of this material prompted your letters. We offer you a conversation between the editor of the newspaper "Sorcerer" Tatyana KOSINSKAYA and Russia's healer ARTEM.

- In their letters, readers often ask about the so-called geopathogenic zones. Someone writes that he cannot be in a certain part of the room, someone is uncomfortable in the whole house ...

- The causes of discomfort in a particular place can be very diverse, and, as an option, it is possible to find a working or sleeping place in the so-called failure zone, i.e. at the intersection of geomagnetic pines that encircle our entire planet. In the event that it is unpleasant for you to be in a particular place or several places of the room, there is a possibility that it is worth talking about the failed zones, but if it is bad in the whole house, then the reason is, of course, in something else.

- I have a friend who easily identifies “bad” places in any room. As soon as she settles down in the failed zone, she immediately becomes uneasy, and she quickly moves to a safe place. Her children were interested in her mother’s ability, and they invited a well-known psychic who, using the frame, identified the “bad” places in exactly the same way. But not everyone is lucky to have such abilities ... They say that animals are also sensitive to failure zones.

- Yes, the cat will definitely choose one of the black spots in the room for rest. In no case should you put a bed, a lounge chair or a table at which you work. But we are talking about a normal animal that goes out for a walk on the street, has contact with the ground. Most domestic cats that live for many years without leaving their apartments have lost this ability. Pay attention to such animals - they sleep peacefully almost anywhere in the apartment, often wander around the house, as if restless, behind the owner. In addition, often they have surgically destroyed the ability to produce their own kind. But the dog, on the contrary, will never sleep in the failed zone. Where your faithful friend is attached, you can calmly work and relax.

- Regarding the fact that animals at home often lose their intuitive abilities. there is a lot of interesting information. The Japanese, for example, had high hopes for fish, with their unusual behavior of "predictive" earthquakes. If these fish were placed in an aquarium, then after a short period of time they lost the ability inherent in them in natural conditions.

- Not everyone has animals at home. Is it possible, on my own, without inviting a psychic, to try to determine the failing places in the apartment and at work. According to the specialist in geopathogenic zones, Yoko Yotov, if a person is seriously ill and sleeps in a geopathogenic zone, then it is not possible to cure him. During the day he will receive treatment, and at night the potential of the body will be depleted. Neither diet nor yoga will help here. But in some very small rooms, experts find up to four failed zones.

- You can try to determine the failed zones yourself. In principle, all current techniques for home use are echoes of the ancient art of dowsing. Surely, one of your readers has a frame and successfully applies it for "everyday" purposes. I would advise the rest to try to check your house with the help of a pendulum. The most elementary option is a rather long thread, at the end of which there is a ring, preferably without a stone. Just a round ring without frills, like an engagement ring. Stand up, take the plumb bob in your hand. Extend your hand a little forward, relax, try to free your head from thoughts, focus on the action that you are going to perform - that is, on the search for a failed zone. Now begin to slowly move around the room and carefully monitor the behavior of the thread.

- If your plumb line does not move in any place in the room, this indicates that you are not well tuned to work or you have too many other problems that distract from the experiment. You must try to bring yourself into working condition again and again slowly walk around the room. If again there is no result (the plumb line does not move), transfer the experience to the next day. Before starting work, believers can read a prayer, ask for help from their guardian angel, a saint whose name they bear.

- In principle, the task of determining geopathic zones is not too complicated and the vast majority of your readers are able to cope with it on their own.

- If you began to feel that the plumb line in your hands came to life, pay attention to the nature of its movement. At first everyone will have his own: for some, the plumb line will begin to vibrate, for others it will swing.