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Family relationships

Family relationships

Relations between people, whether family or friends, colleagues at work, give rise to a certain energy structure or egregore in professional terms. According to the state of this structure, a specialist can say about the nuances of relations, as well as influencing them to a certain extent.

More often, they address us with the problems one at a time, in this case, the effectiveness and reliability of the result does not differ from those who contacted us. But, say, it will be more interesting for you and us if you contact us together (You and your family/friend).

If any outside energy is responsible for breaking or cooling in the relationship - then everything is simple - we will eliminate it and be victorious! Everything is much more complicated when there is no “external enemy”. Then the most unpleasant and difficult thing is to work on yourself and your relationship. And this is in addition to our work.

The key to effective restoration of relations in physics is the return of interest, attention of your partner. Perhaps the best option for returning attention is making changes and improvements in one's own life that are demonstrated to the partner.

In love and family relationships it is much more difficult when people meet, live together .... and there is no common shared energy field. It just did not arise. There was no mutual sympathy, attraction. From time to time, “relationships” in such a pair HAVE to be restored. It is actually complicated, but quite real. The family is ALWAYS worth fighting for!

We treat our work as creativity and the result is very important to us. Therefore, we have a certain screening of customers. Yes, we will see your true intentions. Let us give an example: a certain client comes to the reception and says that her husband again is cheating on her. The question is what is “again”? She answers - about 3-4 years ago he cheated before, so she went to a “strong witch” and she made a love spell. The husband came back. Now here again everything is repeated. With this case you need to contact us. But a request for a love spell? This is definitely not for us.

The sooner a problem has been reported, the easier and cheaper it is to solve it. Unfortunately, it has almost become the standard - “we broke up already 3-4-5 years ago. Rather, he left. I have already beaten everyone else, and now I’m with you. Do something ... ”In this case, our work for a significant part will consist of cleaning the human energy from traces of past influences of all those who wanted to help but failed. Or didn’t want and couldn’t, or just wanted to get off the money and quickly get out ... Those who are undoubtedly “deep in the subject” recall the first law of esotericism - every action has a consequence.