Clairvoyance as a phenomenon

Clairvoyance as a phenomenon

Clairvoyance Specialist: Where to start? I think it’s better with the wording we came to when we last touched on the topic of clairvoyance. I believe that the phenomenon of clairvoyance and the operator of a person who owns clairvoyance are inseparable. To consider the phenomenon itself without practical application from my point of view is completely futile ... And it is only necessary to consider it in relation to a specific person who claims to be seeing or hearing something.

Clairvoyance in itself, I think, purely from a practical point of view, without any esoteric tinsel is simply the ability to perceive certain types of energy, nothing more. Interpretations: can see into the past, into the future, to the left, to the right - this is all great, but I believe that the basis is, after all, the perception of certain types of energy, and everything else is its own, not its own, found, worked out options interpretations of what you perceive.

Interviewer: Then what types of energy should clairvoyants perceive?

Clairvoyance specialist: In fact, I have already forgotten what I read with the Indians as they describe it. I think that they have the most correct interpretation. And now you have to speak in your own words. In fact, by and large the whole international experience of studying, picking in clairvoyance comes down to the words: the devil knows what he sees and how he perceives it. Everyone receives only a secondary picture, already in a certain interpretation. Therefore, honestly speaking, no one understands what comes to the operator’s head. And everyone is content only with the secondary. And the secondary has interesting properties. As Blavatsky once said: “The secondary is already a refracted stream of energy”, that is, it does not pass through the operator in an ideal, crystal-clear form. They say that there have been such examples in history. I have not seen this in practice. That is, anyone who practices clairvoyance introduces a certain amount of gag. Gag is an important thing that allows you to understand the coordinate system of this person. And, perhaps, gradually understand more precisely what he carries in his forecast.

I have long wondered what I see when something knocks on my head? Many people come up with an interpretation in the form: "I see the TV screen, something is shown to me on it." But actually this is not, in fact, something appears in your head. You can put this into a TV picture. So it’s more convenient for you to read a picture already interpreted by some part of your head for your listeners. It depends on a lot: your origin, race, blood, age, body condition, you’ll sleep, you’ll sleep heavily, you will not sleep, you have enough sleep, you haven’t got enough sleep, you got drunk yesterday, you didn’t get drunk, you smoke, you don’t smoke, and so on.

Thus we approached the most painful issue - the issue of the quality of clairvoyance. This, I believe, is the main criterion that generally describes the phenomenon of clairvoyance. In itself, the phenomenon of the appearance of information by the operator - well, great ... so what? Why is it needed? What does it give? This is the main question. Everyone wants to get something from it. Nobody needs to just sit and be clairvoyant. As a last resort in Russia.. But what it gives you is important. And it depends on the purity of the channel, that is, on the accuracy, correctness of the operator’s interpretation system, which gives you some kind of information in the form of pictures from clairvoyance.

We are approaching the issue of proper education and training of operators. So that the operator can give adequate, normal, understandable and preferably accurate (or at least the predicted accuracy of the displayed image) information. That is, here we see that how many operators - so many options for vision. And not the fact that most of them are charlatans, they lie, they lie and so on. No, just their interpretation system is as follows. You can talk about whose system is closer to you, better, more precisely. I’m saying that a certain operator can be sure to see, but can’t adequately interpret and convey to you a version of his vision.

Interviewer: Do tell?

Clairvoyance Specialist: Yes. Means of transmission. You must still be able to convey. It’s not just opening your mouth and the Vedas come from you in the form of mantras. No, of course not! Many people who really see something in practice actually really poorly understand what they see. And in the absence of special “education” they compose either primitive “self-made” interpretation systems, or cannot express it at all. This is a real problem among those practicing clairvoyance.

Abroad, they try to teach people to "interpret" correctly in different schools, all such institutions set themselves the task of creating a product of 2in1 - they will teach you clairvoyance and teach you to understand what you saw there. Domestic schools have not reached this point, and each such place presents its own system to the student. I am a supporter of the old-school approach to clairvoyance, I don’t know if it is fortunate or vice versa. I do not think that every person can be taught to be clairvoyant! If it is not given immediately from birth, then artificially it is not sewn, it is not developed, it is not.